A Uniquely Smart Radiation Therapy System

The new Radixact™ Treatment Delivery System features fully integrated treatment delivery, treatment planning and data management systems. All of these highly advanced system components work together seamlessly to automate the most important functions in your radiation therapy practice – including automation of treatment workflow processes and exportation of data to the OIS.

Innovation you expect – new capabilities that will surprise you

Designed to provide clinicians with the imaging capabilities, treatment flexibility and precise dose delivery you've come to expect with the TomoTherapy® Treatment System, with the addition of components which will significantly enhance interoperability and increase patient throughput.

Smart Treatment Applications

The innovative Radixact System delivers megavoltage x-ray radiation capable of fitting a wide range of treatment techniques, in accordance with the physician-approved plan:

  • Rotational and non-rotational radiation therapy
  • Intensity-modulated and non-intensity-modulated (3D conformal) radiation therapy
  • Image-guided and non-image-guided radiation therapy workflows